Sunday, May 30, 2010

Good Manners are always in style while camping!

I'm still learning my manners so I will update as needed. Camping is suppose to be fun so use your common sense and no one get hurt!

1. Keep your pets (and their business) confined to your own campsite.

2. Never ask to use other camper's bathroom. Use your own or the park facilities.

3. If you are attending an event don't bring your husband, kids or dogs if they were not invited.

4. Don't cut across someone's campsite - no matter how good a shortcut it is.

5. Keep noise down so everyone can enjoy the outdoors.

6. Treat your campsite like your home. If trash spills over or blows away clean it up. Bad for the enviroment and bad for the next camper who uses your spot. This is a pet peeve of mine! There are some campgrounds that I go to that I know to take a small rake with me to clean up BEFORE I set up camp.